The European Automotive and Telecoms Alliance (EATA) was created in 2016 following an initiative by Commissioner Günther Oettinger. It has become a unique forum for cooperation between Europe’s automotive and telecoms sectors, to jointly explore how to best accelerate the deployment of connected and automated mobility (CAM) in Europe.
EATA currently counts 28 member companies from across the automotive and telecom sectors in Europe, and is on a daily basis run by six associations (ACEA, CLEPA, ECTA, ETNO, GSA and GSMA) who represent these companies. The Alliance has since developed into an important political platform in Europe, discussing regulatory issues on the introduction of connected and automated driving (CAD), boosting cross-border cooperation and coordination as well as on-the-ground testing of the upcoming technologies which will revolutionise Europe’s road transport. EATA has focused on a number of European legislative priorities, organised a string of High-Level Roundtables and also started a pre-deployment project for connected vehicles.

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